What’s My Home Worth

Home Values Are Up Again in 2014

What’s my home worth? – That’s the questions many homeowners have on their mind as they watched prices plummet from the record levels of 2005 to 2007, and then rise slowly and steadily with no reason not to continue. Now is a good time to sell your home as inventory is down and demand is strong.  Using the following methods will help you arrive at a starting point for pricing your home.

If You Like To Do Your Own Research

One of the tools which is useful is our Advanced Search page.  You can find out what other homes on the market are listed for in your area and on your street.  Our search engine is much more sophisticated than 99% of the other real estate websites.  Most of them will give you a basic search tool, and you’ll get hundreds or thousands of results.  Not much fun to sort through, is it?   Very few of them will allow you to modify your search to find foreclosures, short sales, amenities, subdivisions, areas, and even a wildcard search.  Our’s does, and it will be a valuable asset to your help you answer the question – What’s my home worth?

Market Analysis

Another tool you’ll need is a CMA (comparative market analysis).  One of our skilled agents can prepare this report for you.  The findings of this report are based off public records, MLS data, and adjustments made for specific features and condition of the property.  What’s my home worth?  We are getting closer to an answer.

Real Estate Professional

Our agents are the best of the tools you’ll use.  They understand trends in the market and how that will affect the value of your home in the weeks and months ahead.  Using statistics alone cannot compete with an experienced agent who notices changes in trends before public records and MLS data will reveal them. Our Realtors are experts in this field, just as doctors, lawyers, teachers, mechanics, and scientists are experts in their respective fields.

Some people like to think that Zillow will answer the question – What’s my home worth?  Zillow can be close and it can be far off.  There is no substitute for a good real estate agent.

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